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We strive to provide the best possible experience as we work with you to bring your vision to reality. Based on your specifications, we can design, engineer, and fabricate a concept car, re-create designs of the past or help you to design your perfect restoration.  What can we build for you?    

Said about the Boxter 550:

"..a group effort brought about by a handful of talented Porsche lovers who overcame significant obstacles to build what I’d qualify as the best modified car I’ve ever driven." 986-550 Modern Boxster technology clothed in vintage Spyder style by Gerry Burger, Excellence Magazine November 2012

Featured vehicle: Porsche Boxster 550 Spyder Concept Car by Ashley Smissen, HotRod & Restoration April 2012

Handbuilt USA ...... where expectations are exceeded

Said about the 911 s:

Restoration Profile: The Family Practice  by David LaChance, Hemmings Sports & Exotic August 2011 (digital version)
   Scanned version of the Sports & Exotic article available via Hagerty

Handbuilt USA ...... where the past is restored


These are just a few of our recent projects. We will be adding more pictures to demonstrate our work as our website expands so please visit again soon!

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